Breeder of the Pack TV Show

SwissRidge Kennels has attracted some attention from the media over the years, and I’m always happy to show off my beautiful dogs. 

As you’ll see below, my work at SwissRidge was very positively profiled on Animal Planet’s Breeder of the Pack, an episode that continues to air monthly. Several pups joined me to promote the series on various shows.

I’m honored to be a spokesperson for Animal Planet, and my pups hit the media circuit again to help promote a new show called, Surprise: It’s a Puppy.

Luckily, I’ve always had puppies on hand when the media–or even occasional celebrities–have called. They’ve been well-behaved little stars!


Breeder of the Pack

Watch all 3 links to see the full Episode on youtube:


Watch it on discovery channel here (4 parts)

Other Shows

My mother and I pictured on set with hosts of Canada AM
On the set of Daily Planet with hosts Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin

On the set of The Morning show with hosts
On the set of CP24 with host
On the set of CP24 with host

Gracie and Freedom

Freedom is a Goldendoodle I donated to Gracie, a sweet girl who has Austism. Gracie’s mother has worked hard to train Freedom as a service dog. In fact, Freedom has lived up to his name by giving Gracie much more freedom to enjoy life. Here is a heart-warming story from CTV news about how a dog changed a little girl’s life.

Surprise it’s a Puppy

My pups joined me on the set of several TV shows to promote a new series, Surprise: It’s a Puppy. I love doing these types of promotions because the pups get a lot of attention, and it’s great socialization.  See photos and links below.