Maggie is a Mini Bernedoodle, bred from Sheena and Pickle right here at SwissRidge.

Maggie’s mother, Sheena, is a wonderful, sweet, gentle Berner produced by my Mom, who also owned Sheena’s grandparents. We know these lines inside and out and have met the dogs personally going back four generations on Sheena’s side. You can learn more about Sheena and her ancestors at

Pickle is a stunning and great-tempered Miniature Poodle who has now retired from breeding and is living with one of my employees. Pickle passed all health clearances and produced some wonderful offspring with amazing personalities. However, I’m always refreshing my lines, and now the only way to get some of Pickle’s genes will be through his daughters. I expect Maggie will pass her health clearances before too long and be added to my breeding program. 

Maggie has such a bubbly, lively and fun personality. She wants to play-play-play all the time. If one dog gets tired of playing, she moves onto the next. She’s a complete social butterfly. Nothing scares her. She is very curious and loves to investigate new things. She loves car rides and going on adventures with me, and also really enjoys runs and hikes. She loves meeting different dogs and new people, greeting each situation with a wagging tail.

I’ll post Maggie’s clearances once complete.


Weight: 33lbs

Height: 18″

Health Clearances

 OFA – Hips and Elbows OFA – Cardiac OFA – Eyes VetGen – DM VetGen – vWD