I’ve heard that you should name a dog for what you’d like them to become, and fate struck the right note with Harmony. I got her from a reputable Colorado breeder when Harmony was three years old. I knew there was something special about this dog immediately. She is an affectionate, loving, sweet and loyal girl who always wants to be close to people. A gentle giant, she’s especially wonderful with children, calmly soaking in their attention.

I was amazed by how easily Harmony adapted to her new environment. All my dogs welcomed her and within a day it was like she’d always been part of the SwissRidge pack. She’s a very easygoing dog, takes everything in stride and is never fazed. She seems to have a permanent “please pet me” expression that few can resist. She is downright jolly—always smiling.

She is a beauty, too, with a blocky head and a solid body. She is short, stocky and compact with a long, luxurious coat. Harmony comes from many generations of health-tested parents with OFA ratings of good to excellent. Her lines go back to Hungary, Poland and Solvakia (within three generations). And when I search further back, they go to Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark. I have researched her pedigree in depth, but to give you a sense of how far back you can go, check out this link for a Pedigree DataBase.  This is Harmony’s great-grandmother’s pedigree, and you can see that even that far back, most dogs have been cleared for hips and elbows. If you get a puppy from Harmony, rest assured that it will be from very well researched, healthy and strong lines.


Weight 110lbs

Height 22″

Health Clearances

 OFA – Hips OFA – Elbows CERF – Eyes OFA – Cardiac VetGen – DM VetGen – vWD