Duc is one of the must regal, stunning and handsome Bernese Mountain Dogs I have ever met. He is owned by my mom and is the result of her very long search for a perfect sire. My mother and I are very similar in our determination; once we get something in our heads there is no stopping us until we get what we want. I remember calling her day after day, and when I’d ask what she was doing, she’d say, “Trying to find that perfect male Bernese.” She finally found him in France, and asked me to go and check him out. Needless to say, I was happy to do so, and was blown away by the quality of the dogs at this kennel. My mom’s research had paid off. Duc is a stunning dog, and has a great, health-tested lineage.

I wish Duc were mine, but luckily I have access to him for my Bernedoodle breeding program. He is always happy to oblige.

Social and playful, Duc is Goliath in dog form—a massive beast who doesn’t know his own strength. This dog would have been quite adept at pulling carts in the Swiss Mountains. Luckily, he is also gentle, caring and loving. He adores people. He loves my mom and me, but also has a very special attraction to Lucas (an inside joke!). I love that I can trust Duc with anyone. He’s great with kids, the elderly, and any small animal. All he cares about is being loved. And, of course, his food; this one’s a chowhound.

Duc comes from a stacked pedigree of Champions and healthy, hip-tested parents. He has passed all his clearances. His ancestors over five generations back have been hip and elbow tested and cleared with exceptional scores. He’s an amazing asset to both our programs.


Weight 120lbs

Height 28″

Health Clearances

  OFA – Hips and Elbows   OFA – CardiacCERF – Eyes VetGen – DM VetGen – vWD