Dizzy is my little man, and the King of SwissRidge Kennels. My partner Lucas and I consider him our canine son. My parents even give their Miniature Poodle grand-dog birthday and Christmas presents! Breeders probably shouldn’t play favorites, and I never really did until Dizzy came along, but he broke all the rules. We love this dog with all our hearts.

For a small dog, Dizzy is just bursting with personality. He is so goofy, fun, and loving and seems very much a human in a fur coat. We call him our snuggle bunny, because he loves to cuddle so much. He likes to have one body part touching us at all times when he sleeps. He is so trusting that he will fall asleep on his back on our lap with his legs outstretched. If I’m working at the computer, he’s either on my lap or right beside me, with his paw touching my leg. He also has a very intense gaze, and will stare into our eyes for minutes at a time. It’s like he’s studying us and trying to figure out how he could make us even happier. He couldn’t. He’s perfect! I study him, as well, trying to determine the source of his magic. I’ve known thousands of dogs, and have never met another like him.

I could go on all day about his cute habits, but here are just a few: he does yoga poses and “I love you” stretches in front of us all the time. If we make kissing noises, he will race to the couch for a snuggle session, so excited he can hardly contain himself. He also does his distinctive little “Dizzy Dance” when he wants something—to be fed, picked up, or cuddled.

Obviously, this boy is a bit spoiled. It’s inevitable when he spends so much time with us. He has travelled all over North America as our little sidekick. He’s fantastic in the car, and will sleep during most of the 24-hour drive to Florida. He’s also great on the plane—better than most passengers!

The day he passed all his health clearances, I did a little Dizzy Dance. That’s how excited I am to share his genes with other dog lovers. I’m confident that he’ll produce some amazing pups that will capture hearts the way Dizzy has ours.


Weight 12lbs

Height 11″

Health Clearances

 OFA – Hips and Elbows OFA – Cardiac  OFA – Eyes OFA – Patella OFA – SA  VetGen – vWD VetGen – DM