References – Australian Bernedoodles


Dear Sherry, I just wanted to show you a few photos of our darling Sherman with Piper and Hayden. I can hear Piper right now in her room singing and playing with him like he’s another brother.

I also wanted to say thank you again for all your kindness and getting us another puppy after losing our dear Ollie. I can tell you Sherman is just such a joy. Look at that face! We absolutely love him. You picked us the best dog. We could not be happier with our little bundle of fur. He is mellow, fun, happy, friendly.

Piper has taken to being his trainer and we are working on all kinds of commands. Sit, Stay, Come, Drop. He’s getting better at all of them. As you can see he loves to lay in the bushes and stay cool. He also loves to go in the lake. Only up to his knees but he seems to like it. Sherman is the perfect combination of playful and mellow for our family. The vet thinks he’s just great and loves his temperament. He’s 4 months and 24 lbs. He’s growing so fast. Thank you so much. We just love him.

~ Andrea, Angus, Hayden and Piper Wood



Hi Sherry – We purchased one of your medium Australian Bernedoodles. Clementine was born on Aug 2, 2015. We can’t tell you how much we love this little girl. She has become such a part of our family. She is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen. Our daughter is a professional photographer and took these pictures. We have plenty more where these came from :-D).

And more than her beauty her personality is ridiculously incredible. She is still a pup and gets into trouble now and then. But it is so hard to scold her cause she is so stinkin’ cute. She’s just barely over 8 months and weighs about 36 pounds. She loves to play. She loves everyone she meets. And she loves to just hang out with us. We just took her on a 12 day trip to our daughter’s family in Colorado. She was in the car with the 2 of us and our two 10 year old twin granddaughters for two straight 10 hour days on the way there and 2 more full days on the way back and could not have been more perfect. She slept most of the time and when she wasn’t sleeping she would just lay there. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t spunky – she is. She just seems to know when to be spunky and when to be mellow.

We could not be happier. We waited 11 months for her and paid an arm and a leg for her, but we would do it again a thousand times over to get her. Thank you so much for breeding your dogs. It’s a labor of love I am sure but we get to reap the rewards. We love our little Clementine. Let us know if you would like any more pictures.  ~  Chris and Lesley



Sherry, We just want to thank you for bringing Kota into our lives. 

The wait was so worth it. You have given us the most incredible animal – smart, loving, healthy with the best personality anyone could wish for! She truly is an incredible dog. She is bringing so much
joy and love to our family and after only 7 months with us, we are starting to question whether Kota needs a Swissridge sibling! 

My husband, who did NOT want a dog is crazy in love with her!

I loved coming out to meet you and see your wonderful facility. Straight away I knew that a lady as lovely as this, could only breed amazing dogs!

Thank you Sherry – you truly have changed our lives and we are so proud to be part of this amazing Swissridge family!   ~ chareenk



Meet Trek

He is an Australian Bernedoodle. Trek is an amazing little guy and we fell in love with him instantly.

He is very intelligent and easy to train. Trek’s personality is so loving, he does not know a stranger, he loves all people and other dogs and only wants to play and make friends. He makes us smile constantly with his silly antics. Need I mention cute, he is too cute for his own good.

He Loves to run around the yard with his big brother and then come in the house for a snuggle. I am always amazed at how well he listens to commands for being such a young pup. I am constantly impressed with SwissRidge Kennels and the pups that come from there.
Trek is our 2nd pup from SwissRidge, my husband and I also have a Standard Bernedoodle that came from SwissRidge 4 1/2 years ago, that we are over the moon in Love with. These two pups brighten every day for us, and it’s so
nice to have both of them love and enjoy each other the way that they do.

Thank You Sherry and the SwissRidge staff for creating such wonderful dogs for us to enjoy.   ~ Laurie Young






With Sherry’s reputation for breeding amazing dogs, we had pretty high expectations for our puppy. Now that we’ve had Staley for nearly 3 months, I can honestly say that he is everything we hoped he would be. He is gentle, quick to learn, and loves to play. We live in the city, and so it was important to us that he be well adjusted to meeting new people and new dogs. He is a cautious pup, but always friendly. And he absolutely LOVES other dogs, regardless of age/size/gender. We are very happy and thank you!  ~ Jon + Cat