Leaving your dog behind when you go on vacation is difficult. Personally, I hate going away without at least one dog, and that’s why I prefer to travel by car in North America. 

But we all need a break, and knowing your pup is in good hands can make parting with him or her a lot easier. 

I began offering boarding years ago, because many of my clients felt more comfortable leaving their dogs in my care than with a stranger. It’s a great opportunity for me to see how my dogs are turning out! 

When you leave your dog with me, it lives in my home, not the kennel. That means your dog becomes a temporary member of my pack–a warm, loving environment with enough rules that your dog won’t forget its training by the time you get back. We crate dogs when we are out, just like you do, but the rest of the time they hang out with us. Each dog gets daily one-on-one play time, and plenty of cuddles and exercise. 

In-home boarding means I can only take a few dogs at a time, so please book early. 

Boarding is available in Schomberg, approximately an hour’s drive from downtown Toronto, for a cost of $55 per day + HST.

Your dog will be in and out of water, and roughhousing with other dogs over the course of its stay. Therefore, I recommend an exit bath the day of pickup for an additional $50. It’s nice to come home to a fresh, clean dog. 

To ensure the health and safety of all dogs, I ask for documentation that boarding dogs are up to date on all vaccines. They must be vaccinated for Bordetella (kennel cough) at least three weeks prior to drop off, and not more than 6 months. They must have their DHPP vaccine whithin one year of the drop off date. All dogs must be on current flea medication, and dogs over 6 months must be neutered. Please e-mail documentation from your vet that vaccines are current, and that your dog is free of the Canine Warts virus. 

Please get in touch via the Contact page to check availability.