Kia is the most amazing, affectionate little dog you could ever meet. She’s actually a Mini-Bernedoodle, but at 16 lbs., is small enough to be a Tiny Bernedoodle. She was bred at SwissRidge from Sabrina and Sting.

Sabrina is an extremely sweet, quiet, intelligent Bernese. You can find out more about her at Sting is fabulous Miniature Poodle I imported from the Ukraine. He’s a little rascal, but gentle and sweet. You can see photos and clearances at

Kia is one of very few Bernedoodles out of Sting, as I typically use him for Goldendoodles. Indeed, his Goldendoodle progeny are all over the world. I see elements of Sting in Kia’s playful, goofy personality; she is one of the clowns of the kennel. But her kind, gentleness comes from both sides, because mom Sabrina is a sweetheart, too. Kia’s gaze melts everyone’s heart, and there is a line up of people willing to take her home if I ever part with her. Her signature move is the Bernedoodle bear hug: she wraps her front legs around you and hangs on with all of her might as you try to keep walking. She truly wants to be up close and personal with people, and adores being cuddled. She enjoys swimming, hiking and going for daily walks on the trail.

Kia has already produced a few litters of Tiny Bernedoodles and the pups have been getting rave reviews.


Weight 18lbs

Height 15″

Health Clearances

 OFA – Hips and Elbows OFA – Cardiac  CERF – Eyes OFA – Patella VetGen – DMVetGen – vWD